As a Managing Director, you'll have one focus... Promote your new back office.

This is a "done-for-you" entrepreneurial opportunity like no other.

"You don't have to be a heart
surgeon to own a hospital." 
- Bill Hall

The once popular and traditional methods of attracting CPAs had exhausted themselves.
Bill discovered helping CPAs to increase their fees first was the biggest game changer in his career. It was also his biggest challenge.

​This is what we call the "value before product" approach, and it's how Bill separated himself from the crowd to attract CPAs with their biggest clients. 

I made Top of the table in my first 6 months and earned $1 million in annuity and life commissions in my first year working with CPAs

NOW you can too - easier, faster, and better, because... the years of hard work have been done for you. 

Your new tax reduction team will work with you step-by-step, guiding you with personal and digital mentorship. Accelerator Academy will help us to track our progress together along with our biweekly private mastermind group meetings as well as one-on-one mentorship calls. 

You could spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars replicating this yourself. 

Or you could just get started right now, like buying a franchise.

The financial services business has produced the most millionaires in modern history. It's one of the top industries that can make you a millionaire today. 
The Wealth Report

Work ON your business as an entrepreneur, NOT IN your business as technicians must do. 

We are not an FMO and you don't have to quit whatever it is you're doing now to be highly successful as a Managing Director for Redwood Tax Specialists.


"Bill Hall and the branding with Redwood Tax Specialists has helped me attract VERY High Net Worth clients that I would not have been able to reach on my own. I have received commission payments of over $1,100,000. I am humbled to say that we have additional cases like this in the pipeline, thanks to the branding with Redwood."

Mark Gardner - Dallas, Texas

"I have been in the financial services world for over 40 years. Majority of those years have been as an independent holistic advisor with a myriad of financial services from strategy planning to insurance and investments with a goal to help clients protect and enjoy their assets during retirement. As an independent it has been a challenge being the advisor, technician, administrator, and marketing/branding expert. Although I have had a comfortable career, I don’t feel that I have reached my full potential. As I look back on my career, I believe without a doubt that the best business decision I have ever made was to join the Redwood Tax Specialist team and their back office as a managing director in January 2020. This team has highly credentialed experts in the field of CPAs, tax attorneys, retirement specialist, money management and so much more that I could offer. As a team of experts, they will go the extra mile to help in the design, closing and administration of complex cases without me having to be the technician. The leadership of the Redwood team has been the most helpful, encouraging, positive and supportive group that I have ever been a part of. In 2021, I was able to double my income with the support of the Redwood team and look forward to the many exciting opportunities that are presented in the future."

W. David Brown - Mauldin, South Carolina

"I have been in the employee Benefits business for many years. I was providing group health insurance and some ancillary services. I started looking for more opportunities in the corporate life insurance market as I wasn’t sure how long the Employee Benefits Business would continue due to continuous regulation. I enjoy what I do, but I knew something else was needed. Corporate planning with Life Insurance was something I started to research. This is when I ran across Bill Hall and Redwood Tax Specialists. They completely changed the game. I don’t have to stop what I am doing, or study complex subjects to increase my business. Bill has assembled a world class group of professionals that work as a team to produce massive tax deductions for the wealthiest business owners. They have streamlined 5-6 highly sought-after strategies that clients love and need. As a Managing Director I just bring the clients or prospects to my back office, and they do the rest. I don’t have to be an expert in Tax Strategies or insurance. Bill has mentored me and others on how to secure these wealthy prospects and in doing so I am currently working with a steady stream of highly qualified individuals with incomes of $1,000,000 per year and net worth’s of $40,000,000 +. My marketing expenses are zero and my time is freed up to build the business. The future is very bright here at Redwood. I have never looked back."

Mark Dennis -Henderson, Nevada

"After operating as an independent financial advisor for over 20 years, I found myself feeling burned out. My revenue had plateaued, marketing and office expenses were increasing while net results were decreasing. I still loved the advisory business but not the way things were going. In short, I found myself looking for a better way to do things. To paraphrase Michael Gerber, I was spending too much time in the business and not enough time on the business. I liked working with clients and potential clients but as a single advisor office, found myself doing less of it. I didn’t have a group of experts to call on and not enough time to keep up with the specialized areas wealthy clients were looking for. I wondered if the business had passed me by. Then I found Redwood Tax Specialists. The ability to brand with them and promote a group of highly skilled and credentialed professionals was the just what I needed. I’m highly confident introducing them to CPAs and clients due to their knowledge of working in the high-net-worth market. Now I work with fewer clients, make more money, and have more time for outside interests. In Redwood, I’ve found the answer to making the second half of my career more lucrative and fun than ever before!"

Chuck Nash -Nashville, Tennessee

"For several years I was running a decent retirement income planning business. While I was making a living, I had always been intrigued by larger, more complex strategies that, as basically a one-man show, I was not equipped to handle. Like many, I was on a constant marketing rat wheel producing an acceptable, but in the end relatively mediocre, ROI. That all changed in March of 2020. When the lockdowns hit, I had applications in process and several active prospects in various stages. Every single piece of new business cancelled and all my prospects disengaged. It was a real punch to the gut as my marketing bills snowballed. In my efforts to find a way to market in this new world we were in (none of which worked) I stumbled upon Bill Hall and Redwood Tax Specialists and that’s when everything started to change for the better. The Redwood back office of CPAs, Actuaries, Tax Attorneys, and advisors are far and away the most valuable team I have ever been associated with professionally. Their expertise in designing, closing, and administering these complex cases gets me in the game without actually having to learn the work. It didn’t take too long to uncover a $140,000 target life deal in my own book and I am now working on some large case strategies that I never even knew existed that can save my clients millions of dollars. I’m not sure if I would still be in the business without Redwood, but now I know I will never leave because of them."

Tripp LeFevre -Plymouth, Massachusetts

"I am not sure where and when I heard this, but when I did it really resonated with me. When opportunity and preparedness meet success occurs. Redwood Tax Specialists is one of those rare opportunities. Besides providing the opportunity, Bill, Ryan and Scott are taking the time to prepare all of us. Thank you Bill, Ryan and Scott for taking the time to prepare us and providing this wonderful opportunity to accomplish it. Now it's our responsibility to roll up our sleeves and do the work, and success will be the end result."

Tom Stoltman

"We did our first today and this cpa is sending over a client worth hundreds of millions who earned $19.2 million and paid tax of $5.4 million in 2019. Don’t make my mistake. Take action. It works. Where in America can you get access to this type of client and change your future trajectory in a matter of weeks or months and not years or decades."

John Leonard

"After 29 years in the financial services industry, I have never been associated with a team of individuals who possess the integrity and competency as do the members of Redwood Tax Specialists. This team not only knows tax reducing strategies, but excel in their ability to layer those strategies to efficiently maximize tax reductions for their clients. When I refer individuals who have complex tax planning needs to the Redwood Tax Specialists team, I do so with the assurance that they are receiving the best help available in the industry today."

Jerry Ray

"I've been with Redwood for 15 months now and during that time Bill and the team have continued to add new services to enable us in the field! It's a long story, but I have just submitted my first case…….. however I currently have 4 CPA's who will be submitting cases over the next couple of weeks thanks to the tools we have available. THANKS, BILL to you and our support team!!"

Paul Kessler

"This last week Bill Hall and I met with a CPA contact about a promising case. Bill was acting as the gatekeeper before we set up a meeting with the CPA, his client, and Scott. The call lasted about 30 minutes and after introducing my CPA to Bill, I closed my mouth and listened to the conversation. Imagine watching a master perform his work as an apprentice in awe and you will have some idea of the extremely impressive and positive outcome. If you have the opportunity to work with Bill in this capacity do not hesitate. You will not be sorry. I consider myself a well seasoned sales professional, and was at one time an internationally certified Sales and Marketing trainer. Again, I listened in awe to the conversation and how a skeptical professional CPA came around to believing it would be a great idea to introduce his client to Scott and work with Redwood. Many thanks to Bill, I could not have done what he seemed to do effortlessly. Turning an analytical sceptic to an ally takes skill, and the specific knowledge and understanding of the process working with CPA's was on full display."

Charles Hayes

"I just had a prospect commit to $150,000 per year and financing of $900,000 total $1,050,000 per year Scott did a nice job this stuff works."

Robert Ross

"I flew fighters in the US Air Force for 20 years. One thing I always loved about the Air Force was the amount of training they provided in order to make every airman as successful as possible, we recognized that we were only as strong as our weakest link. A lot of resources were expended on each individual to make sure the Air Force was successful whenever or wherever it was used. I have not seen this level of complete commitment to helping everyone achieve success since I’ve been in the civilian world like I have seen with you and Redwood Tax Specialists. You have already given me more training than I have had since I retired 25 years ago. I am completely confident that I am providing outstanding value to each of my clients & I now believe I will be more successful than I ever imagined. Training builds confidence!I look forward to each day! Thanks so much Bill."

Terry Lang, Lt Colonel, USAF (Retired)

"The mentorship zoom conferences are a tremendous morale boost as well as a very helpful format for adding true program-related substance to our mission. Hearing about partner successes and learning curves opens us all to possible road maps to follow. Bill’s direction is inspiring and always reality-based. No BS! And, greatly appreciated!"

Don Murphy

"Bill, it’s been my Achilles heel for years as a life, annuity, LTC agent, and your mentoring made me finally understand all those objects offered were to the technician!!!! Totally see the Redwood model as the ONE THING solution for me to deliver massive value and separate from the technician ‘RED OCEAN’ forever! Thx for ur wisdom!"

Rick Hoopes

"Good afternoon. Just wanted to share something with the group. Please remember to look for clients everywhere. In another Facebook group I am a member of, someone presented a question about helping a tax client with deferring taxes? This CPA said he was not familiar with all of the ways to save people money in the future on stock sales and capital gains. I said I was a part of a group that could help with that very situation and we set up a time to talk the next day, which ended up being Friday of last week. Once we started our conversation, we realized we were only about 1.5 hours away from one another and made plans to meet in the future at events. He then describes the clients and the situation. To make a long story shorter, the client is worth in total about 50 million. Man am I glad I reached out to him. We had a conversation with Scott Fedyshyn today and starting the process. Very Exciting. Just talk about what our group can do and you will benefit other people and yourself. Thanks for reading everyone. Keep on the lookout!"

Matthew Carrier

"Ryan, you are the man, thanks for the great tip with Google Maps, YOU ROCK! YOU ARE AWESOME!"

Michael Craigwell

"Shout out to Bill, for jumping on a call with me - and helping them to see what Redwood can do for them, as well as their client. 1st CPA - said she had a few clients paying in the $200,000 range. She is going to start with the best one, and the team at Redwood will show her what we do. The 2nd CPA – said, “I only have 1 - but he is worth $100 MILLION”. I told him that we only needed one, and that I would like to invite our CEO, Bill Hall, into our call. I asked the CPA if he would hold for just a minute. He agreed, so I took the chance - since most of the time Bill answered his phone. After talked with the CPA, the CPA said, “Yes, I want to see what you can do.” So now we start the process, putting this information in to MY TAX DESIGN, and allowing the team at Redwood to do their magic!"

John Hart

"Submitted 2 cases this week. The mentoring has taken root, looking forward to results. Feeling the swagger!"

Charles Hayes

"Branding with other CPAs was the key for me because CPAs want to do business with other CPAs who are willing to first help them with advisory services, so I branded and partnered with CPAs and accountants to scale my business to well over 10 times with over $10,000,000 in life and annuity sales. Now advisors and life agents can simply plug in without having to stop whatever they are doing now."

William C. Hall III

"Bill's extensive experience in the industry, and prowess in coaching through difficult situations earns him a firm but friendly reputation, as he is referred to by some as Uncle Bill. He has certainly empowered me to take my potential to a whole new level, and the results simply speak for themselves."

Scott Fedyshyn, CPA®, CFP®, CTC, CTP, CMA, CFM, MSA

"Last Saturday, when I couldn't find the video of Scott telling us about the plight of the 1040 CPAs, I got a little frantic because I had promised a client/whale to show it to her, and she was about to arrive at my office. I thought to myself, "Should I bother Bill at 5:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday when he's relaxing with his family? I decided to, because of the importance of the upcoming meeting, and you answered, "This must be good news," which baffled me a little. Then, as soon as I hung up, I realized it was 8:00 pm where you were! I apologize! Never again (unless it's good news). Just goes to show that YOU ARE TOTALLY THERE FOR US."

Tom Pattinson

"Had my 1st Roth conversion call with Scott today. His laid back approach and knowledge as an expert in this area were very reassuring to this couple. Lots of good questions which he handled with ease and made them hungry for more information. Thanks, Scott! Looking forward to the second appt."

Mark Maiewski

"Good morning. I was on a webinar and while on my client called. He was one of the 4 referral letters that I have sent out os of this date. I have worked with this client and his firm for over 25 years. He just asked me, "can I just send you my tax return". I said sure. He pays over $330,000 in taxes. I will be sending out more of the referral letters!!! Great job that Bill, Ryan, Scott, and Chad are doing. My partner, Brian Mitteldorf and I are working hard to be in the top 30. Hopefully, we will see you all there."

Steven Kanner

"If you’re a shy introvert and have no people skills or sales skills then you may want to just move on now and don’t bother to read this as you're probably in the wrong industry. If you’re hungry for success and believe in yourself, if you have some game and have just been looking for and craving the right playing field to get on then I highly recommend you hitch your wagon to William Hall III and Redwood Tax Specialists. They offer a beacon of light in an otherwise murky and crowded sea of advisors and planners. Bill is a master of clearing away all the minutia and pointing you directly at the activities and road map to connecting with the right clients through the right relationships and the ability to cut away all the meaningless wasted time trying to one-up or displace some other advisor. With Bill and Redwood you learn how to stay focused, and keep your eye on the ball, which as he likes to say is “keep the main thing the main thing.” He removes all ego from the table, and helps us to connect the back office experts with the right set of circumstances that will turn into a win-win situation for the client, the advisor and a team of trusted professionals that give the best tax advice and guidance to the clients that so need and want it. There has never been a better path to that than what Redwood has formed and continues to form. I have worked with Bill for several years now, and I can tell you from personal experience he wants nothing more than to build a fleet of successful highly motivated financial services professionals. He is constantly thinking of ways to drill down and make us laser-focused on what we need to do to create and fill our pipeline with opportunity. It is absolutely not about being the smartest guy in the room and he shows us how being full of yourself is probably your biggest obstacle to overcome. You don’t get a hole by banging your drill and drill bit into the surface. The tool is designed to work a certain way and if you use it that way you will get results. He has designed a method with Redwood Tax Specialists to take you straight to the target you have always wanted to get to even if you never met."

John Gross

"I recently joined this fantastic team that is so extremely well mentored and organized by Bill Hall. I'm very excited about this rare opportunity! The support along the way from Bill, Ryan, and the team has been wonderful. I love the energy and commitment. For many years I've been a top annuity producer, I ran my own firm wherein I trained financial advisors and I earned a lot of awards. After years of this, though, I’ve become burned out. The thing I excelled at and enjoyed the most was talking to people, and that's exactly what I am able to do as a Managing Director. I don't have to worry about doing stacks of paperwork and selling products. Shortly after mastering the sales script, I turned in three cases with high-net worth clients. I’m able to do this even though I’m making calls during the busiest part of tax season! I'm about one month into the program, so I'm really excited to see where we go from here, and I have many CPAs who are looking forward to a conversation with me after April 15th. While I’m doing everyday tasks at home, I’m making good use of my time by listening to the mentorship training recordings over and over, as well as reciting my scripts (to my dogs). The whole key is to practice!"

Stacey Parnum

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is This Partnership Right For Me?

This program is ideal for coachable life insurance and annuity agents who want to spend less time working while making more money. If you're experiencing burnout or if you have hit an income ceiling, this may be perfect for you. This is ideal for anyone who is coachable, regardless of your current income level. We have people making seven figures and people who were selling burial insurance when they joined. People do this so they go directly after the biggest of the biggest whales. This can be your whale hobby on the side, and you don't have to stop what you're doing right now.

Who Is This NOT For?

This is a poor fit for people who do not like the idea of buying a franchise and insist on reinventing the wheel. It's also not a fit for anyone who doesn't have 1-2 hours per week of focused time to devote to whale hunting for the biggest clients on the planet.

I'm Not Tech-Savvy. Can I Do This?

Your new back office will handle the technology for you. All you need to do is follow the proven steps in the training course. 

I Don't Know What To Say.

We will give you what Bill says word-for-word. If you need any help, call Bill's cell or ask on a mentorship call.

I'm Scared Of Leaving Voicemails.

Voicemails work best for whale hunting. Bill will be happy to coach you 1:1 or on a mentorship call if your mindset needs help.

Are There Enough Prospects?

There are around 1.3 million CPAs in the United States. Even if every Managing Director called CPAs full-time, we would never reach them all. There are 1.8 million households in the United States with a net worth between $5 million and $25 million, and 172,000 households with a net worth over $25 million. With that many prospects, why wouldn't you hunt for whales?

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

We would like you to have your first whale in the pipeline in your first 30 days.

I Don't Have Much Time To Spend. How Can I Make Money Here?

This was also my concern when I came onboard. I was running a full-time business as a parent of three (now four!) children. I started working with Bill as an internal trainee, and he kept telling me that I could do this as a hobby in my spare time. As of July 2022, I have a commission check on $185,000 target premium about to be paid any day. I spent less than three hours of my time on this case. This is only possible because I turned the prospect over to the back office. I'm currently the President of the company and having the time of my life. By letting my back office handle the details, I'm free to work as an internal without having a compressed schedule. I don't know any other industry where I can get paid this much on an hourly basis! If you have 1-2 hours per week to take this seriously, you're on a rocket ship to success. - Ryan Herche

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Welcome to white glove service like no other! You're about to partner with a Founder/CEO who answers his phone when it rings. Immediately after completing the order form, you will see the registration for the online training and you can begin as soon as you're ready. You will also see a link to Ryan's calendar so you can have a personal onboarding conversation. Ryan will make sure you have access to everything and that you're taking the right actions. If you have any technical questions, you can call Ryan Herche's cell phone at 916-281-5088. You can ask questions in our private Facebook mastermind group and our biweekly mentorship calls.

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with Redwood Tax Specialists
What You GetIncluded
1. Brand with one of the top tax reduction teams in the U.S., Redwood Tax Specialists, to help CPAs grow their business utilizing our back office. Learn how other financial planners and life insurance agents are exponentially growing their life, annuity and AUM business. Gain access to our top producers and learn from their perspective. Mastermind group meetings are twice a week.
2. Gain access to our tax design app to help you ask the right questions to the right prospects and at the right time. You save $1,800 by joining today.
3. Custom CPA forward-facing professional website. Regularly updated at no additional cost. You save $3,650 by joining today.
4. Custom forward-facing website  for the affluent market. Regularly updated at no additional cost. You save $3,650 by joining today.
5. Access to our sales scripts and videos in our private portal, Accelerator Academy. 
6. License to reprint our two-page, $57,000 Fortune magazine piece.
7. This is a done-for-you business model. It is a complete ecosystem where you only wear one hat and simply promote the tax professionals.
8. Personal online portal to track your pending business.
9. ERTC platform: This is a done-for-you tax reduction business model with proprietary software designed to qualify business owner clients for the new ERTC program. Complete with every email needed to grow your business with CPAs and high-income business owners. You save $10,000 by joining today
10. Real-time capital gains planning software. 
11. Ongoing professional content and three drip mail campaigns. Your Redwood team spends about $18,000/year to make sure you have the latest and most up-to-date content to attract accountants/CPAs.
12. Unlimited cell phone access to Bill Hall.
Total One-Time Fee Due Today Is Only$500
Monthly License Subscription, your first month is waived
You saved $100/month by signing up today (due in 30 days)
Summary: $500 one-time fee, then $297/month

Get started now to save

You only pay a one-time fee of $500 and a monthly license subscription of $297/month by signing up today. You may cancel at any time after 12 months. 

Hello and welcome! 

This is a done-for-you business model. 

It is a complete ecosystem where you wear only one hat and promote the tax professionals in your back office.

Attracting CPAs is and has been our unique value proposition for many years. We’re unique because CPAs see us as tax reduction specialists that can be an extension of their office. After CPAs get what they want from our back office, the product sales happen naturally. 

Given people’s willingness to meet virtually, Managing Directors are working this business model from wherever they want. All you need is a cell phone and a laptop.

To make this even easier, you receive unlimited cell phone access to our CEO and Founder Bill Hall! That is extremely valuable access as agents have paid Bill as much as $50,000 up-front to set them up in business to attract very high net worth business owners and CPAs.

You can also interact live with some of the highest paid insurance agents and financial planners in the country on weekly Zoom calls.

Gain instant credibility when you partner and brand with a team of top tax reduction specialists. This team has already helped business owners reduce their taxes by over a billion dollars.

We invite you to discover for yourself what the Redwood Tax Specialists team can do for you.

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